Slow down to speed up

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Recently, I managed to grab myself an extra twenty minutes to run through my mobility drills.  Rather than my normal morning rush, I started the session with 10 deep, controlled breaths.  Eyes shut but taking in the atmosphere (early morning, recent rain, the feeling of the deck beneath my feet), I immediately relaxed.  I then ran through my normal drills but incredibly concious of body position and the feeling & stretch of muscles, leading to a much better session.

This same approach can be equally applied to the triathlon disciplines.  Take your time, and focus 100% on how your body feels, whether its rolling through pedal strokes and trying to feel any dead spots, or feeling the water against your hand and arm as you develop your front crawl catch.

Practically, this probably works best as part of your warm-up and cool-down.  In the pool, focus on your full-stroke and identify problem areas.  Think about each part of your body in turn – how it feels against the water, where it is, etc.  Then pick a drill from your repertoire to focus on that area for a length or two.  Repeat the focused full-stroke swim and identify the changes, then back into the drill.  Mindful practice like this will lead to far greater improvements in technique than just banging out a warm-up at 80% of full speed.

The same applies for running and cycling – think about your technique as you warm-up.  When running, focus on body and head position, cadence, a light foot-fall, how your foot is striking the ground and arm swing.  Run through a series of basic drills to emphasise each of these.  On the bike, look for cadence, aerodynamics and dead-spots through the pedal stroke.

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