Approaching the off-season

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The majority of northern hemisphere triathletes are coming to the end of their season, so the important question of the day is


what should I be doing now, that will give me the best results next year


First of all, take a well-earned break.  Having a couple of weeks (or more, if you want to) of rest & recovery is essential for your body.  It’ll help you overcome all the little niggles that you’ve been carrying, and you’ll come back to training mentally refreshed and fully motivated.

Use the time you get back from not training sensibly.  Catch up with your non-triathlete friends or do the things you’ve been putting off for 6 months – you should finally have the energy for these.  If you are going to work-out, do something different – take out the mountain bike or join your mates for team sports.

Secondly, get organised.

  • Swap your summer and winter kit over.  Find the reflective vests and over-shoes that you haven’t worn since May
  • If you have a summer & winter bike, get you summer bike properly cleaned & serviced.  Check your winter bike is ready – mud-guards on, tyres in reasonable condition, etc.  Make sure your turbo trainer is set up correctly and your ‘pain cave’ is set-up with any distractions for the hours you’re going to be spending in there.
  • If you learnt to swim as an adult, technique will be the main thing holding you back.  Use this time to research local coaches and book in for some individual lessons.
  • Think about how you can address your weaknesses.  Need to get stronger?  Ask around to find a decent S&C coach.  Constant niggles?  Find a sports masseur.

All these things done now will avoid frustration when you’re ready to start your training, and you’ll be able to launch back in with enthusiasm.

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