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Zoe Neasham

“I met Tracey at the Ashington Sprint tri in May, a pool based swim.  I explained that this was only my second tri as I was new to swimming and joked “can you stop people crying at the thought of getting into a lake” as I’d tried to start open water swimming, and in my eyes failed miserably.  Basically I was petrified, cold and in a doom loop – too scared to swim much, which made me cold, which stopped me breathing, which made me scared, which stopped me swimming.  Happily she said yes she could help!

Giddy and slightly high on post-race endorphins and a bacon sarnie I booked to swim with Tracey the following week, and when I said I would “try not to cry” she instantly worked out that the initial problem was I didn’t feel safe.

Well I didn’t cry and came out of that session laughing, booking in for another that week, and after only 5 sessions we swam the 750m sprint course at Ladyburnl Lake and stayed in to “play about in the water practicing starts”.  Tracey convinced me to enter the Ripon Black Sheep Olympic distance tri a few weeks later and the swim was incredible an absolute highlight of my year, I can honestly say I loved it! Every second!  Not only did I know how to swim in the lake I knew what to expect from the other competitors, how to manage a deep water start, how to sight – I felt ready for it.

Not only has Tracey worked out what worried me she taught me coping strategies (which I’m not sharing as they are her secrets!) but I now have a little routine I go into before I swim in open water and then I’m away.  I’m not fast (yet), but I’m very happy!!

The week after Ripon I did the Newcastle Triathlon and really felt like I deserved to be there.  Then I decided to try sea swims and after a pool tri.  Tracey met me at Newbiggin to get me ready for the sprint tri and I was back to scared and hating it again – I was amazed how much the sea fought back and that really threw me initially.  3 sessions later and I finished the race and Tracey was even there to see me cross the line.

So what a great year I’ve had – from novice triathlete with one pool tri under her belt to a “proper triathlete” who has done pool, open water sprints, Olympic and a sea tri all inside a year.  At the start of the season I couldn’t in my wildest dreams see me doing that, now I see that with the right coach and support anything is possible. Anything!”

Zoe Neasham September 2014

Zoe Neasham nervous swim

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