What YOU can learn from Lance Armstrong

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OK, he’s probably not flavour of the month right now, but lets see if any lessons can be learnt from the “serial” cheat who led “the most sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping programme that sport has ever seen”

Prioritise Recovery

I’m not suggesting that any triathlete should go down the same road as Lance, but much of the illicit doping was to recover as fast as possible from training and racing.  Do the same, by following the simple principles in the recovery pyramid (http://nickgrantham.com/precovery).  Prioritise the basics (sleep, nutrition and rest) and get these principles nailed before worrying about anything else.

Go for the best you can afford

I keep hearing the refrain “it was a level playing-field”, but it wasn’t. Armstrong had the best of the ‘sports scientists’ contracted, making sure that he was getting top-notch advice and properly looked after – no 2am wake up calls for a quick turbo session for Lance! Invest in the best you can for yourself. Take the time and effort to source high quality foods from local shops, rather than McBurgers or dodgy supermarket own-brand sausages. Same for your kit – take your time to research what will give you the biggest bang for your buck over the long-term, rather than buying kit that’s the latest fashion.

Race to your strengths

Before the Armstrong years, popular cycling wisdom had the pro’s riding a big gear at a relatively low cadence. Lance popularised a riding style with a much higher cadence, helped by a higher red blood cell count that allows a more oxygen to be carried.  Similarly, race to your strengths, by selecting courses that suit you, whether its hilly or flat, with a relatively longer run or bike.

In conclusion – do the right things, but don’t go quite as far as Lance did!

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