My Training month – April

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April is generally where things starting getting a little more serious.  With a training camp in Mallorca planned for the end of the month and nights getting lighter, I had a bit of a bike focus.  Got a couple of long rides in, but most rides were relatively short and hard  – typically 90-120 minutes of fairly structured riding.  This included numerous climbs of a longish local hill (~10 mins), aiming to hold threshold pace or just above, plus some short hard efforts.

Swimming was consistent (3 x per week, knocking out sessions of 3.5 – 4k), and lead to some improvements.

My gym programme stayed fairly consistent as well, getting in twice a week and lifting heavy (deadlifts & squats, dips and pull-ups).  Typically, this would be in the evening having swum in the morning – it was noticeable how much stronger I felt on the odd occasion  that the gym was my only session of the day.  This doesn’t worry me, as the focus is on the three triathlon disciplines and the gym is there to support those.

Running continues to be the weak spot – its starting to come back, but there’s no ‘easy’ runs at the moment.

The Mallorca trip was a very solid week – lots of (hard) bike miles with some consistent running in the mix – so I ended the month feeling fatigued.  A couple of sessions were dropped to allow recovery, but the fitness benefits in the long term far out-weigh the heavy legged feeling in the sort term.

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