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Just back from Pollenca in Mallorca, and thought I’d write up a few notes on what I did well / badly for getting the most out of the camp.

The good stuff

  • I went to the camp to get miles in the legs and improve my fitness – pre-camp was focused on strength work (hill repeats, etc.) not long distance.  I avoided the camp becoming a week-long race!
  • I was pretty good at building through the camp.  We had the toughest day planned for Tuesday of a Saturday-Saturday trip.  Until that day was done, I made sure not to go too deep into the red.
  • I set myself a personal target of running every day, despite the others on the trip being roadies – difficult to head out when everyone else is done for the day and relaxing with a beer!

and the Bad

  • Take care of your kit – I was embarrassed how my kit stacked up against the roadies, who all had gleaming bikes.  Need to turn over a new leaf on maintenance
  • Follow the normal rules for nutrition – just because you’re away doesn’t allow a complete disregard for normal nutrition standards (or quantity)
  • Do your homework – I turned up with no clue about Mallorca, so struggled with navigation for a couple of days.  This forced me to stick with the group when I was struggling (a good thing), but  should have been better organised.
  • In general, I’ve struggled with my weight a little this year – next year, I’d like to go in a little closer to race weight and maybe more competitive on the climbs

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