Leave one last rep in the tank

Mar 23, 2012   //   by admin   //   Nutrition, Recovery, Training  //  No Comments

This morning’s swim session brought home a useful lesson.  Normally, I’m pretty good at pacing myself but today’s effort caused me to blow up on the last set.  It was a relatively short set, but quite a lot of hard 100’s.

Finishing the swim, all I’ve wanted to do is eat!  My body’s been pushed a little further than usual and its not quite sure how to cope.  As an occasional thing, pushing the boundaries is a good thing – the worry is how well I’ll recover for my next sessions.  The danger is that this will impact future sessions and kill off some of the consistency I’ve built over recent weeks.

I’m hoping that the food will have sorted me out – over-cooking a swim set is easier to recover from.  Getting bike pacing wrong is generally more serious, as you tend to realise you’ve dug yourself a hole when you’re 30 miles from home.  At least in the pool, you can get out and the walk to the showers won’t be too far.

Lesson to remember – always leave a rep in the tank!

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